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Sweden UN Ambassador Accuses U.S. of Biological Warfare in Crimea

Following renewed high tensions in the Crimea region, caused by a resurgent Ukrainian-led offensive into the region, the Swedish Ambassador to the UN accused the U.S. of using chemical weapons on known locations of Russian-backed opposition forces.

"This is a crime against humanity, frankly, of no conscience" he stated, later adding that "there must be consequences for this, for the U.S. and NATO". Talks of sanctioning U.S. imports into the Scandinavian country began almost immediately after in the Swedish government.

The U.S. Department of Defense issued a press release categorically denying the Swedish Ambassador's claim, stating that "the U.S. is not militarily involved in Crimea at this time," and that they "categorically condemn the use of any WMD's in any conflict whatsoever."

Russia is currently calling for the UN to send a team of "health experts, doctors, and investigators" to investigate the claims, adding that they've received reports of strange illnesses befalling their troops in localized regions consistent with the use of chemical weapons.

Other countries are quickly joining the call for an investigation, and the U.S. Department of Defense is joining it's voice into that call.

"We have nothing to hide," stated a DoD spokesman, "they are welcome to look all they want."