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UN Peacekeeper Forces Enter Crimea, Begin Investigation into Sweden Allegations

Editor's note: In a previous article, we had confused chemical and biological weapons. To clarify, Sweden's allegations are that the U.S. used chemical weapons, not biological. We apologize for this error.

Following Sweden's allegation's that the US used chemical weapons in the Crimean region Monday, the UN is ordering a peacekeeping force into the area to escort a delegation of investigators. The delegation and peacekeeping force is expected to arrive later today.

Several NATO nations are backing the US, as governments spokespeople are denying any involvement in the Crimean region.

Russia has reportedly reached out to Sweden, and, while acknowledging their discordant history, stated that "Russia stands by Sweden, and condemns the use of chemical weapons against our troops in the Crimea region. We welcome the investigators with open arms."

The U.S. Secretary of Defense has stated that he hopes the "UN investigation will clear the stain that the Swedish government has tarnished us with."